We are family-run business based in Europe, Lithuania. The husband and wife have been working in the party industry for more than 15 years, when decided to start manufacturing fake fur mustaches and beards themselves instead of buying low-quality ones from China.

We put our main focus on the quality of the products we produce, while also keeping up with new designs and needs of our clients. After 5 years of hard work, our mustaches and beards are being sold worldwide, literally. Australia, USA, Japan, Canada, Middle East and Europe. And then the Global Pandemic hit everyone. But we survived and we keep on rockin’.

Our model (he is basically a celebrity among our numerous clients) Danielius Zalieckas is our father (and father-in-law), he presents more than 1500 mustaches and beards we manufacture. It has taken him 26 photo sessions so far, each lasting from 5 to 8 hours. He is 80 now and it is hard to believe, but never in his life had he worn any facial hair of his own.

Big Thank you for supporting our family business!