While all of our mustaches and beards are already perfect as is, feel free to perfect them even more to suit your fancy: cut, trim, and comb them to your heart’s desire! Wet and shape them with your fingers or fix them with a bit of styling gel, or hair spray, you can even dye or paint them… They’re designed to fit your wildest hairy desires.


Product description

This natural-size self-adhesive mustache or beard is made by hand with a lot of love. It gets it sticking power from special medical-grade 3M tape on the back. The adhesive strip is anti-allergenic and won’t irritate skin. It stays firmly in place yet is easy to remove.


Getting the right fit

While our products are made to suit any adult, faces have varied shapes and sizes. You can stick on our mustaches and beards right out of the package and instantly become a hairier character, but you might want to adapt them to your own facial features or needs. Unpack the false facial hair and, without removing the backing from the adhesive, hold it up to your face by a mirror and see how it looks. Want to trim it? Here’s how to do that quickly and easily - you’ll need a pair of sharp scissors and a small brush.


Shortening a beard’s sideburns

Shortening sideburns is simple. Use a marker on the back of the beard to mark how much you want to remove. Then take a small pair of straight sharp scissors (manicure scissors work best) and cut the base material, not the fur, as shown in the picture. By cutting just the base, you won’t spoil the product’s natural look. Brush off the places you cut to remove any short hairs that could later cause itching or irritation. Then repeat the same process on the other side of the beard to make the sideburns even.


Trimming a mustache

If the hair of a mustache hangs over your mouth, complicating eating and drinking, you can trim it. Use small sharp scissors, like manicure scissors. At first just cut the base material, and only then, if you see that’s not enough, cut the mustache hair itself. If you cut the hair of a mustache, it will probably lose its natural look – but who knows, maybe you’ll end up creating a new stylish form of fake mustache.


Unpacking and teasing a felted beard or mustache

This realistic beard and/or mustache was made using a felting technique – the hair is deliberately tousled and then sprayed with hair spray so it holds its shape. When you remove the product from its package, it will be somewhat flattened due to shipping and storage conditions. You should take it out, hold it up, and loosen up the hair with your fingers. You can spray a beard with hair spray so it keeps its shape.


Combing and styling

If the beard or mustache you’ve bought has straight long hair, you can smooth it with a wide tooth comb, shape it with wet hands, and then spray on some hair spray so the product keeps its shape. You can repeat the application of hair spray whenever needed.


Repeated use

If you want to reuse a mustache or beard, it’s important to do things right the first time you use it. Only put it on skin (without makeup) that is clean, dry, and shaved. Then the 3M adhesive strip won’t get so clogged up, and if you don’t wear it for very long (an hour at most) or don’t sweat, it should adhere fine when you stick it on a second time. The larger the surface area of the adhesive, the more likely it is a beard will stay firmly enough in place when reused.

If you think the product´s hold on your face is too weak, we suggest to also use spirit gum as a special adhesive, around the edges for example.

For multiple uses of the same beard or mustache, you can put a strip of double-sided tape (available at any hardware store) over the used adhesive or apply spirit gum. Don’t forget that if you do use spirit gum, afterward you’ll need spirit gum remover to clean your skin.



You can change the color of our fake facial hair if you want, just like you can dye human hair. Except it’s easier. We suggest using temporary (washable) hair-color spray, which you can find at any party supply store. To achieve bright or solid colors, we recommend starting with a white beard or mustache which makes it easier to get the color you want.


Children’s sizes

We offer children’s sizes which are small-size beards and mustaches. They’re designed for the size of children’s faces but aren’t necessarily only for kids. If your face and features are smaller, our standard products might be too big for you, so try a reduced-size beard or mustache.


Putting on eyebrows

Putting false eyebrows over your real ones is a bit tricky, since even the very sticky 3M self-adhesive that we use doesn’t stick very well to hair. When applying eyebrows, we recommend doing it so that at least half the adhesive strip is in contact with the skin. That’s why we make our eyebrows a bit wider than most people’s natural eyebrows are.

A few tips: to look angry, position the eyebrows so the ends are higher up. If you want to look good-hearted, put the ends lower down. Have no fear – removing our artificial eyebrows is easy and painless. Go slow and your real eyebrows won’t suffer a bit.


How long to keep it on

The first time you stick on this mustache or beard you can wear it as long as you want. Even if you’re sweating heavily, it’ll stay in place just fine for several hours. If you don’t sweat, the adhesive will do its job well for more than 12 hours. Don’t forget that it’s synthetic, so if you wear it for a long time you might feel a bit of itching or tickling. In any case, this is a costume accessory which isn’t intended to be worn every day or for a length of time longer than 12 hours. Your skin, just like you, also needs rest and fresh air.